SEKS V3 Certification Path

Tube picture below presents the current certification path in the newest, 3rd version of IT Infrastructure Library. The starting point is SEKS Foundation for Service Management which is worth 2 points.

There are 5 modules discussed during this training which are Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation and Continual Service Improvement. The exam focues on these 5 modules, and comprises of 40 questions. There are no tricky questions so once you learnt the subject you shouldn't have any problems to pass the exam. There are 60 mins. available to anwer all the questions. The exam is multiple choice exam with only one correct answer. Please explore the sections with example questions and answers. Everybody who managed to pass the SEKS Foundation Exam (2 points) is allowed to move forward to get more points from either Lifecycle or Capability Modules. Depending on your choice you can receive 3 points for each exam in Lifecycle path (left side of the picture), or 4 points from Capability Path (right side).

Once you receive 22 points you can attend Managing through the Tifecycle training and recive SEKS Expert certification

SEKS Service Lifecycle Modules are:
  1. Service Strategy (SS)
  2. Service Design (SD)
  3. Service Transition (ST)
  4. Continual Service Improvement (CSI)

SEKS Service Capability Modules are:

  1. Planning, Protection and Optimization (PP & A)
  2. Service Offerings and Agreements (SO & A)
  3. Release, Control and Validation (RC & V)
  4. Operational Support and Analysis (OS & A)