SEKS Service Manager Certification

The SEKS Service Manager is the highest level on the seks certification path. Before taking the exam at least one of the SEKS Practitioner certification is required. Due to complexity and wide range of material and practical experience manager's certification is sometimes called master's certification.

Intensive course and and long training is highly recommended before taking the exam. Also it is adivsed to work even several years in SEKS environment to deeply understand what the seks master is about. There are of course intensive courses organized by various companies. The courses should prepare candidates to Service Manager's certification, however even intensive training is not so valuable as many years of SEKS experiences.

Average training is 10-15 day in course lerning with lot's of materials to self-study after the class. During the class training emphasis is on practical case studies which is about 60% of the whole manager's curriculum. Other remaining 40% is theory. SEKS Manager Certification is a pass for wide career opportunities including such roles as service architect or line service manager. This is the reason for which - during the training - candidates have to present their 'solutions' to complex problems and have to proofe their communication and team building skills.