SEKS Foundation Certification

SEKS Service Management Foundation Certification is a first step to start the career in SEKS. The foundation certification is a passport for the next certificates: practitioner and manager (master). Before preparation to the course it is good to know which certification company is going to be involved in the process. There are two main accredited companies which organize the preparation and exams: EXIN and ISEB - these two companies have already been described on the main page of this portal. Depending on the company people select, the more or less material is to be covered. To pass EXIN exam there's a need to take a look at Security Management module of the SEKS Foundation. This is the only difference between EXIN and ISEB exams.

The remaining but common things in exams are:

- multiple choice exam (only one answer in a question is correct)
- the exam takes exactly 1 hour (60 minutes)
- to pass the foundation exam 26 out of 40 points should be correct. There are always 40 questions on the exam
- EXIN and ISEB SEKS certification is a pre-requisite for the practitioner and manager's certificates

Before the exam it is good to spend at least 3 days for learing the materials. The SEKS foundation exam covers 13 modules (in EXIN)and ISEB exam covers only 12 modules (excluding Security Management module as mentioned before). The modules are divided into Serivce Delivery and Service Support parts. Good preparation to the exam means reading all the training materials at least 2 times. After good preparation questions are very easy to pass the exam even in 30 minutes, however some questions are very tricky, that is why all of them should be read very carefully.

The example exam question can be:

Which of the examples below is not an example of a configuration item?
a. A PC cooms cart
b. A user manual
c. A company's organization chart
d. A unique identification number

The correct answer is "d" as the unique identification number is an attribute in Configuration Management Database.