SEKS Practitioner Certification

The SEKS Practitioner Certificate in IT Service Management (SEKS Practitioner) is a proof that certified person has a deep knowledge in one of the SEKS processes. As the name of the certificate indicates, practitioner certification is not only about understanding but also about practice and speciality.

Currently there are 3 different areas covered by practitioner certification. These are:
- Release and Control (SEKS Practitioner Release and Control Certification)
- Support and Restore (SEKS Practitioner Support and Restore Certification)
- Agree and Define (SEKS Practitioner Support and Restore Certification)

Each of the practitioner certifications is a pass to the manager's certificate. It is good to know that the best SEKS managers are certified in all the areas mentioned above - this is because manager's certificate is not about only one area but about all of them. That's why it is worth to deeply understand all aspects of SEKS processes before attending to manager's certificate.

Practitioner level is dedicated usually for team leaders and specialists who would like to spread out their knowledge onto new subjects. The courses are highly recommended befor taking the exam. The average training for one set of processes mentioned above takes 5 days and is followed by the exam.

The practitioner exam is very simillar to the foundation exam and consists of 40 questions - multiple choice. 26 points are required to pass the exam. Please note that before taking practitioner exam you have to posses SEKS Foundation Certification.